Why study in Guatemala?  
Guatemala is a Central American country with a wide range of culture, product of the Mayan heritage and Spanish influence during the colonial period. Guatemala has a wide variety of climates, product of its mountainous terrain so varied, extensive gastronomy, impressive natural wonders, and its official language is Spanish even though more than twenty three Mayan languages exist.

The Mayan civilization was notable for achieving a complex social development. They excelled in several scientific disciplines, such as architecture, writing, an advance time calculation through mathematics and astronomy, the Mayan calendar which according to historians, was more accurate than the Gregorian calendar we use today. The Mayan have left us with their cultural heritage, impressive constructions, writings and predictions available to admire and enjoy.


Studying abroad provides social and professional benefits


In the Mirador Spanish Academy, our main objective is that our students become people who master perfectly the second most spoken language in the world -Spanish language-. Studying abroad and learning a second language helps them to personally and occupationally stand out in:

  •  Communication
  •  Linguistic knowledge
  •  Analysis skills
  •  Flexibility and adaptation
  •  Team work
  •  Understanding of other cultures
  •  Proactive and independent, etc.


Only the people who study abroad can achieve that, be better prepared for this increasingly demanding and constantly changing world.

Our students learn to have more confidence and maturity, conscience and cultural adaptation. The experience of living and studying abroad helps them to become better leaders of tomorrow to any activity taking place in your country or other countries.


 Visit Guatemala and continue earning credits towards your degree

A new adventure awaits, are you ready?


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Why study in Guatemala?